Four Simple Ideas to Win Over Problem People

The biggest problems faced by the engineers and technology leaders are not about technology at all. People are the issue. And most technology workers (should I just say most people) are not prepared to deal with the challenges people bring. My mom – who worked for J.C. Penney for years – has often said that […]

073: Growing Your Influence through Managing Your Contacts [Podcast]

Building a network is one thing, managing your contacts is quite another. With so many platforms (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc) to keep up with, it is hard to reminder the last time I checked in with the key people in my network, much less what we said. But worse than that, I noticed that […]

063: How Introverts Can be the Best Networkers [Podcast]

I have been doing a lot of work on my new course Networking for Introverts (soon to release) lately. As I explore and search, I see a lot of common misconceptions that the extroverts of the world are better at networking and making personal connections. Wrong. In my experience, introverts can be the best networkers, […]