Your Working Legacy

Does your working legacy matter? So often people in miserable jobs use their kids as an excuse not to make a move. After complaining about their job, their boss, the company, the endless meetings which produce no results, and their lack of filling meaningful at work – I suggest they find something else to do!

Many times they explain to me that they have children to support – as if I was telling them to quit their job and go home and become a bum. But I have started asking them, “Do you want your children to go to college, get a job they hate, and feel stressed out and meaningless?” Their answer is ALWAYS “Of course not!”

But the truth is – this is very likely what your kids will do – after all  – it is what you have taught them!

What are you teaching yours?

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  • Min

    This is me.
    I thought that my kid will understand my pains,but, yes, you are right, I am teaching what my kid will do after she grows up.
    What is “find something else to do”? quit my miserable job? moving to Silicon Valley to find a fun job? or start a local business?
    I have not decided yet, but after I read this blog, I think I should make a decision soon. Thanks, Dale.