You Are Being Watched!

You are always being watched. Your character and integrity are being judged. Think about someone being on the news after being caught on video doing something illegal, unethical, or just plain embarrassing by a fellow citizen with a video camera. How would you feel if you were being recorded and what you said and did was shown to the world?

character and integrity

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Creative Commons/Christian Haugen

Well, like it or not, the same type of judgments are being made about you all the time. People are watching you now and they always have been. We all form opinions of others, it’s normal. We tend to form immediate judgments. A book is judged by its cover!

The classroom provides a very interesting look at this behavior. I find it interesting that people will behave unprofessionally in the classroom and expect you to think they will operate like professionals in the ‘real world.’

I have seen this play out many times in undergraduate engineering courses. The character a student displays in the classroom will carry forward and follow them. Their classmates and faculty have made a judgment of them and, without some powerful change of heart, that judgment will stick. Past students often ask me to be an employer reference for them, not realizing what they’re asking for.

Remember, everything you say and do brands you! If you do not want your actions, words, and images played on the news tonight, do not offer them up to be replayed and repeated in the mind of someone who observes you during the day.