Resumes are Worthless

Resumes are worthless

Yes – resumes are worthless!! When I speak, I often say “resumes are worthless” to the shock of many in an audience — especially when I am following well meaning career counselors who just spent 15-20 minutes explaining why your resume needs to be perfect.

Why do I say they are worthless?

First – it is not that they are bad as a tool to help you define what you have to offer (a tool for YOU) and to help remind people what you have to offer AFTER they have met you. But our society has given resumes a higher calling – that of being the main element of a career search. Over and over I hear people talk about the importance of networking — but all they ever teach you is about how to do it FOR writing a solid resume – perhaps with a cover letter. Then you post that info  to a job site or send in your resume and wait. Or — even worse – you send your resume to someone in email who will likely just delete it.

Second – We all must be introverts or something because we all seem to want to use the resume as a way of avoiding talking to people. I think the idea of a job search being me “selling myself” (which is not really true) makes people so uncomfortable that they prefer to hide behind a document.

Third – Almost every company of any size has automated tools to scan, store, and sort resumes. All your work is wasted since often the only one reading your resume is a machine. And — machines do NOT hire people.

Fourth – Resumes are just paper. People do not hire paper – they hire people.

What does work?

Like it or not – success comes from operating as if you are an independent company. You in fact ARE an entrepreneur – and you HAVE to act like one to really thrive AND be in control of your career.

Details of how to operate as your own company, getting a job the real way,  are going to be in my book Resumes are Worthless – which is due to be released soon!