Platform 2013 – Praise for Excellence

Several people have asked for feedback on the Platform Conference given by Michael Hyatt and Ken Davis. So I wanted to share my thoughts.

Cliff Ravenscraft, Pat Flynn, Ken Davis, Carrie Wilkerson, Andrew Buckman, Michael Hyatt, Stu McLaren, and Jeff Goins

Since I am involved in doing many such events, I like to see how they operate and learn what I can about doing better events.

First, I like to see the spirit of those who attend. Are they artificial or real? Are they moral? Are they focused on helping people, or just making a buck?

Second, I watch how the team performs. How does the team operate? Are they just workers who hate their job, or do they love what they do as much as the event organizer?

Third, what do they do that I like? Often it is little things that really help.

Fourth, I am curious about the speakers? Do they have convicting messages? Are they good? Can they communicate? Do they have anything to say?

On all points Platform13 was EXCELLENT.

Here is what I shared with their team on Michael’s Blog

This was by far the BEST conference I have done. And the last I did was with Daymond John of Sharktank (he was awesome), Bill Clinton, and the New Orleans Mayor – to name a few. No match to what this team pulled off at Platform 13. Some things I thought were WOW:

  1. The connectivity of the message – I think this was all Michael! Very clear that each speaker connected on the key points.
  2. The intense focus on service. I have never been among such a great group of entrepreneurs who were so powerfully focused on serving others.
  3. The connectivity of the speakers. Having the speakers be part of everything and attending along with us all was great. I think everyone learned a lot listening, but that ability to chat over meals and coffee was great.
  4. Small. With a small group – connectivity was way up.
  5. Different styles. When I saw Andrew take the stage (tech guy) reading from his IPAD, I thought that the main speakers were done and now we were into the boring part. Andrew was very different but powerful, funny, and direct. I have three pages of notes from his talk alone! He was great.

Here is the real testimony. With such a group of ADD (Attention Deficit – Which most entrepreneurs tend to be)  people, it was shocking that everyone was attending and taking notes the ENTIRE time. Most of us normally would have been standing outside in side discussions. Not at Platform.

Hats off to the Platform Team.

Two people who I think deserve special recognition I did not specifically mention who made it happen are Gail Hyatt and Joy Groblebe. If I had to guess, they were really in charge!

I wanted to share this with you not so much to convince you to go to Platform (it might not be a conference for you), but to stress the importance of giving praise. I am often very quick to be critical – but rarely give praise for someone I do business with who does good work. I think it is time to turn this around. What about you?

Question: Who have you done business with that needs to be praised? Leave a comment praising those people and companies who delivered beyond expectations. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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