How to Design Your First Information Products

Can you create a product based on what you know and MAKE MONEY? I bet you can! In the past few posts I hope I have convinced you that you do have knowledge and skills to offer the world – or at least some of the world.   Just in case, here are the past posts:

#1 – Make money doing what you do

#2 – Five ways to make money and have freedom

#3 – Find the products YOU should offer

But now I want to show you how! In this 12 minute video I use mind mapping to show you how I design products using the example product you all should know about.


How to Design Your First Information Products


Remember the key points here:

  • You do know something of value that others will buy.
  • You can use your company of one thinking to create products and services.
  • Be simple and focus on what others need and how they ask you for help.


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