158: Quit Believing Stupid Lies about Money and Wealth [Podcast]

Stupid lies about money are certainly prevalent. Like weight loss, everyone has advice about how to make money and grow wealth. The problem is  – most of that advice comes from people who do not have any money. Kinda like taking weight loss advice from a fat person.  OK – to be transparent I am […]

156: How to Lead at Work When There is a Leadership Void [Podcast]

Leadership void is the norm.  Some voids are caused by poor leaders who provide little vision or direction.  Others are caused by transitions in roles (esp for your leaders) and the inability for overall leadership to define issues and set a strategy.  Either way – as John Maxwell puts it – Everything rises and falls […]

How to Lead at Work when there is a Leadership Void

146: How to Develop Confidence and Composure – Even When You are Scared to Death [Podcast]

Develop confidence. That is the challenge.  The desire to develop more confidence and composure under pressure is a common theme we see in our professional graduate students. Even those who seem like they are highly confident will confess one-on-one that they are lacking.  A quick look will show that everyone lacks confidence at some level. […]


Four Simple Ideas to Win Over Problem People

The biggest problems faced by the engineers and technology leaders are not about technology at all. People are the issue. And most technology workers (should I just say most people) are not prepared to deal with the challenges people bring. My mom – who worked for J.C. Penney for years – has often said that […]