053: My Top 10 Takeaways from The Launch Conference – And One Surprise Takeway [Podcast]

I spent much of last week at The Launch Conference in Orlando. The conference was mentally challenging, and Disney with the family was physically challenging. It was worth it. For those not familiar with Launch, it is a conference put on by Michael Hyatt and Ken Davis to help speakers maximize their business. But, the […]

The LaUnch Conference - JOHN C. MORGAN

051: 7 Powerful Questions (Number 5 Can Make You More Money) [Podcast]

I have learned to talk less and instead ask powerful questions. When I was in the corporate world, I realized quickly that I could not compete with those who spoke in corporate lingo. You know, those who say a whole bunch and sound smart but really they are saying nothing. It always seemed to me […]

Powerful Questions

049: Dealing with Ineffective Team Members | Are You Making These Mistakes? [Podcast]

I bet dealing with ineffective team members is something you struggle with constantly. Whether you are on a team, leading a team, or leading a group of teams, one of your greatest challenges is not getting the work done, but instead dealing with those team members who will not measure up. It may be teams […]

Dealing with Ineffective Team Members - Poison