082: Developing Clarity in Your Questions [Podcast]

Want answers and solutions to your problems? Then FIRST you must get clarity in your questions. As I sit here reviewing my interactions with you and others from last year, I realize that most people are very unclear in their questions when they approach me. Instead of asking what they really want to know, they […]

Finding Clarity in Your Questions

081:Getting Better (or some) Ideas [Podcast]

Ever get stuck needing ideas, or perhaps just needing better ideas or more ideas? We often find ourselves stuck in not knowing what to do over even seemingly simple decisions. Just the other day I was meeting two friends, one being Jonathan, a musician who has started blogging. Jonathan was stuck trying to find what […]

079: 5 Ways to Create Productive Thinking Times [Podcast]

The most successful people I know spend time to think. Like us, they are busy, have families and responsibilities, so they have to find ways to force thinking time into their schedule. Why? They know success is tied to thinking and action. Action can be easy, but thinking about what action to take, now that […]

059: Five Ways to Deal with Office Politics [Podcast]

Office politics creates more personal frustration than work and work schedules will ever create. Today I will share five ways to deal with office politics – five practical things you can do not matter how nasty the situation. While I doubt there are any big secrets here, I have found the only way to relieve […]

Office Politics