193: Using Love as a Business Strategy [Podcast]

Using love as a business strategy might seem like a strange title – especially coming from an engineer. Generally speaking we technical people are pretty much just the facts. The talk of soft skills and focusing on people makes me squeamish – so to start talking about loving your customer is really a leap – […]

Using Love as a Business Strategy

190: How to Deal with a Setback [Podcast]

How to deal with a setback… That is a question we all encounter from time to time. Setbacks look like a lot of things: Job loss Project failed Demoted Did not get the job you hoped for How to Deal with a Setback Own it – take 100% responsibility. Placing the blame is great – […]

How to deal with a setback

189: It’s All About the Money [Podcast]

Your Chief Financial Officer at Work

When it comes to your financial success at work, it is all about the money. Yet,  in the United States, over 70% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck – barely making enough to make it through the month. I can only assume this is true of most other countries also. And – the amount […]

Its All About the Money