111: How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Business? [Podcast]

It is less than you think

How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Business? The typical thinking is that $100,000 is needed to start a business. But in reality, the typical startup spends significantly less. In this episode we will explore ideas to get your business started with little or no investment. Money Plan to Start a Business It […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Your Own Business

110: How to Overcome the Four Obstacles Keeping You from Starting Your Own Business [Podcast]

There are four obstacles keeping you from starting your own business. In all my coaching of business startups, these four continue to show up keeping would be business owners from starting their own business. Today I will examine the fours issues – and in the next few weeks I will provide you with the common […]

Four Obstacles KeepingYou from Starting YourOwn Business

107: Finding Your Path and Doing What You Love [Podcast]

Interview with Jeff Brown of Read to Lead

How can you go about finding your path and doing what you love? Perhaps it is not by working harder, but instead you should do what you love even if you see no path to money. In 18 Minutes  author Peter Bregman explains that we often find something new when we stop looking so hard. Think […]

finding your path and doing what you love

106: Being Lean in Your Business [Podcast]

How to get started and grow fast without spending cash

Lean Startup is a term I hear often. Recently, I was asked to talk about Lean Startups to a corporate group, followed by being asked to speak to a high school class on the same subject. So I wanted to share with you. Lean startups is about about starting or growing a company without going […]

Lean Startups