148: Can You Become an Engineer (or anything else) without a College Degree [Podcast]

Do you really need a college degree to become an engineer? This subject is an often debated topic – especially in the hallowed halls of higher education. Many of my peers hotly disagree with me on this subject.  They think I am committing blasphemy to bring up the idea that we may not be adding […]

Can you Become an Engineer (or anything else) without a Degree

145: Does it Matter Where You Go to School? [Podcast]

Where you go to school matters – right?  With all the attention to college acceptance bribery cases involving actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, we might think that it really matters where you go to school. After all, why would they pay a ton of money if not?  But when we peel back the layers […]

Does it matter where you go to school?

144: Should I Get a Masters in Engineering Management or MBA [Podcast]

Engineering Management (EM) vs MBA? That is a question I have talked about a lot in the last few years.  I have both a masters in engineering and an MBA. And since joining the university, I have been running an engineering management program (Information Engineering and Management or IEM). So I have seen them all […]

Engineering Management vs MBA

Overcoming the Fear of Making Mistakes at Work

Do you have a fear of making mistakes at work? I was talking to a friend not long ago who happens to be a counselor. I was unloading to him about issues at work – I forget the details – and he called me a perfectionist. Have you ever been told that you are a perfectionist? […]