204: Are You the Burger Flipper or the Boss [Podcast]

Creating engagement in others and yourself

So, are you the burger flipper or the boss? This is a question I ask my kids often. If you are a burger flipper, you do not have to think much. You just wait and do what you are told. You can be totally unengaged in your work. If you are the boss, you have […]

201: Moving from Tech Expert to Leader [Podcast]

Moving from tech expert to leader in your organization can be tricky. Scientists, engineers, developers, architects, and many other experts move into leadership positions every day. Many companies expect this transition to take place. But other companies do not see tech experts as leaders – just as tech experts. It is kind of a new […]

Moving from tech expert to leader

200: My Most Popular Podcast Episodes [Podcast]

Listening to what you have said...

My Most Popular Podcast Episodes tell a story. The story is not about me, but more about you. What topics catch your attention? What are you most interested in hearing from me? What are you struggling with? Where do you want answers or insight? My Most Popular Podcast Episodes Below is a list of my […]

My Most Popular Podcast Episodes

199: Waiting on Leadership [Podcast]

What to do when no one is telling you what to do

Waiting on leadership to show up and take action can be one of the most frustrating issues in corporate America. More frustrating than a bad tyrant of a boss is the absent boss. At least with that tyrant, you might learn what to expect. When absent and you are waiting – you often spend your […]

waiting on leadership