189: It’s All About the Money [Podcast]

Your Chief Financial Officer at Work

When it comes to your financial success at work, it is all about the money. Yet,  in the United States, over 70% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck – barely making enough to make it through the month. I can only assume this is true of most other countries also. And – the amount […]

Its All About the Money

184: Adjusting Your Goals Midyear [Podcast]

Adjusting Your Goals Midyear? So, we are at the halfway point of 2020. Wow-what a crazy year. Some of you have suffered. Loss of income, furloughs, a decline in business. Others have prospered powerfully. So this is a great time to rethink 2020. What has changed? What is going in a new direction? For me […]

Adjusting Your Goals Midyear

183: Use Your Curiosity to Market Yourself on the Job [Podcast]

Your Chief Marketing Officer at Work

Use your curiosity to market yourself. How? Asking questions makes you look like you care and it also gives you the opportunity to connect with others – letting them share their expertise with you. In other words, you are asking people to tell you about what they do. And, per the book How to Win […]

Use Your Curiosity to Market Yourself on the Job

181: How To Become More Valuable To Your Boss [Podcast]

Your Chief Marketing Officer's Improvement Plan

Become more valuable to your boss in just a few simple steps. If you followed the last podcast, How To Calculate How Valuable You Are To Your Boss, you can now learn how to make that data work for you so that you can become more valuable to your boss. If you have not done […]

How To Become More Valuable To Your Boss

179: 17 Ways to Market Yourself [Podcast]

Your Chief Marketing Officer

17 Ways to Market Yourself. Yes, I said market yourself. As we move through the four roles of your Company of One model (See Episode 174: Grow Your Own Company of One) we are now focused on your CMO or your Chief Marketing Officer. You might notice some overlap – which is normal. The last […]

17 Ways to Market Yourself