170: How You Can Serve and Thrive in a Crisis [Podcast]

How you can serve and thrive in a crisis? This is a question being asked by many people. While the current COVID-19 crisis has created a lot of panic and financial stress, this is a great time to rethink how you can serve more and thrive doing it. I have heard many pundits, podcasters, and […]

How Do I cope in COVID 19 as a Small Business or One Person Business

161: What To Do If You Hate Marketing Yourself [Podcast]

Do you hate marketing yourself? The other day someone told me “I hate having to market myself. It just feels slimy – like I am a used car salesman.”  (No apologies to the used car salesmen out there – the label is well earned.) But, a central component of any business is marketing and promotion. […]

What To Do If You Hate Marketing Yourself