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How it Works

Course Features


  • 20 Online teaching videos

    The Core principles are covered in 4 modules with 20 videos total. Each video includes homework assignments that will walk you through the steps to take action and begin generating income.

  • Monthly online growth sessions

    Twice per month we will have online live sessions. One session is called OFFICE HOURS and will be focused on answering questions. The other monthly session is GROWING FORWARD and will be additional content to help you continue to grow your business.

  • Private Facebook Community

    Community is critical to success. Being around and connecting with other business owners is going to help you grow. I will be active in the community to help answer questions and moderate content. (We have people of all ages in this – so the community conversation will be family friendly.)

Course Outline

  • 1

    Module 1 – Getting Started

    Seven lessons will take you from finding an idea to developing the beginnings of your marketing plan.

  • 2

    Module 2 – Launching

    In five lessons you will define your products and services and begin to engage real customers – and generate real income!

  • 3

    Module 3 – Growing and Getting Legal

    Four lessons will cover the legal and accounting details you need – including how to hire attorneys and accountants.

  • 4

    Module 4 – Conquering Challenges and Moving Forward

    Four lessons will show you how to deal with those challenges and set your business up for growth.


It works! What others are saying.

Debra Mastic

Debra Mastic, Virtual Resume Coach LLC

I wanted to open my own business, but didn’t know where to start, lacked confidence in myself and had a full-time job that burned up the bulk of my energy and time.  With the help of Dale, I was able to launch my business, start making money and quit my full-time job in eight short weeks. I made over $1000 during my first week of business in exchange for only a few hours of my time. If it weren’t for this course, I would have wasted a lot of time trying to create a traditional business plan instead of getting my business’ minimal viable products out to market. The coaching truly helped save me time and money.

The course also taught me how to incorporate my passion into my business model and connected me with other people who helped me grow my business much faster. I couldn’t be happier now because I have the freedom to make a living on my own terms, have more time to spend with my family and give back to the community.

Brian Rabon

Brian Rabon, Braintrust Consulting Group

Dale became my personal business coach at a very hard time in my life. I found myself unemployed, depressed, and wondering what to do next. In a fog of self-doubt Dale helped me to see that I had options. Even so, I kept presenting him with excuses, like “I can’t start a business without a partner”. He challenged my thinking and kept asking me “Why not.”. He provided the type of tough love that you need to jump out of your mental insecurities.

Dale helped me layout a plan for moving forward leveraging my strengths. When I finally got the courage to run my first public class it sold out. Soon the demand for my training abilities grew exponentially, to the point that I had to start adding team members to help me. Today I have a team of 15 and over $3 million in annual gross revenues.

I live where I want, have the time to do the things that I love, and get to grow my team every day. My life is forever changed for the better, I am living the life that I want and doing what I was born to do. Thank you Dale from the bottom of my heart.

Kendall Davis

Kendall Davis, K&L Marketing

Dale Callahan crossing my path a few years ago was the epitome of providence! It came at a time when my wife and I were both laid off from our jobs and I needed that ‘extra’ push, confidence builder and encouragement towards the idea that it IS POSSIBLE to be on your own after 20 years of working for someone else.

Through Dale’s guidance and encouragement I have been able to diversify my ‘income streams’ without having to work 60 hours per week (even 40) to maintain them. Now I am expanding my business to serve other businesses like mine.

When Dale taught about starting businesses and entrepreneurship, it became very real to me that ‘hours for dollars’ is just a thing of the past. It is VERY REAL that with what we have available in technology and resources today, we can create a DAY like WE want to spend vs. someone else dictating our schedule. I believe that is what many of us are after BUT ITS TOUGH to ‘connect the dots’ to move towards that. Exciting times are ahead for us. Thank you, Dale, for being a BIG part of that!

Helen Todd

Helen Todd, Helen2o: Fluid Communications

I had the opportunity to work with Dale when I was struggling in my corporate middle manager job and wanted to educate myself on what the possibilities were if I started my own business. I had ideas, but had followed the traditional path my parents laid out for me. Go to College, get a job, and stay in the job. I spent my entire career trying to keep a job and not be downsized. I made it through corporate fraud layoffs, two bank mergers, and then more layoffs at another major company.

Finally, it caught up with me and I found myself without a job. I had six months to start my business. When I visited with Dale after losing my job he told me ‘congratulations!’ It was the start of a new day for me and new chapter in my life. He helped me get started and provided guidance on farming out the things that I didn’t like to do. I’ve been in business almost 4 years now and have not looked back. And, my husband and I recently started a second business. Dale will challenge you, motivate you, and most important — tell you what you need to hear — like it or not.”

Herbert Gooden

Herbert Gooden, Author and Life Reconstruction Coach

The bottom line is that I increased my business income. Dale made it clear that our income goes up as our service to others increases – so I found ways to increase my service. Part of that increase was getting clear that I had expertise that I did not even know I had. It was right there all the time. Dale pointed out that we shop talk with our peers so often about what we do, that it seems to be common knowledge. WELL ITS NOT, and that’s where the business is and the additional income. When I tapped into that expertise I had – my business income grew. 

Jonathan Boyd

Jonathan Boyd, JB Music Company

Throughout the course, Dr. Callahan laid out the whole process of setting up and running a business in an easy to understand and do manner, and even provided great support and guidance. As a result, my business has been launched, and I have clear next steps and strategies to follow. I’d recommend Dr. Callahan’s  coaching to anyone looking to start a business.


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Get more income

We grow our income when we serve others more. This course will teach you how to tap into the needs of customers so you can serve and grow. Income will be the result of that service.


One of the biggest goals of people is to have freedom doing what they love. Do you want to live where you want, work when and how you want, and serve those you enjoy serving? This is the life of the entrepreneur.[/text_block]

You Can Do This!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”14″ width=”460″]No matter your age or background, you can own and operate your own successful business. No degrees needed. Just start serving. These principles have worked with kids to adults in multiple countries and with various educational backgrounds. The key is your willingness to start and grow.[/text_block]

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Lifetime Access

Once you are in you have full access to all content – even as new content is added monthly.


Monthly Growing Forward Classes

Join Dale LIVE every month for brand new business training! Learn all the latest tips and techniques to growing your business. All sessions are recorded and available to view via replay.


Monthly LIVE Office Hours

Need a mentor? Every month Dale opens a LIVE office hours session where you can ask any question you’d like about growing traffic and earning money with a blog! All sessions are recorded!


Private Building Your Own Business Member Only Facebook Group

Connect with other passionate entrepreneurs! Meet other students and entrepreneurs over in our private Facebook group.


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Make a Decision To Make a Change

  • Learn the core principles of business

    The first part of the course is 4 modules of the core principles of business. Even if you have never thought about starting a business, these core principles will cover the common sense steps and remove the shroud of doubt you have that you can do this. If you own a business and are looking to help it grow, these principles will help you rediscover your reason and passion for your business and help you define new products and services as well as new ways to grow.

  • Discover your calling

    As silly as it may sound, most people in our culture have no idea what they really want to do. Too many say “I do not know what I want to be when I grow up.” I get it – been there and done that. This process is what I went through and the same process I have taken people through for the last 10 years. It works to wake up your inner drive and connect to what really matters to you.

  • Be part of the community

    You will have access to a private community with other business owners. I will be active in the community so you have constant activity and growth.

  • Continue to grow

    When you follow the steps, your initial success is going to be pretty easy. But then you need to continue to grow. You can only grow your business by continuing to find ways to serve more. In the monthly Growing Forward sessions Dale will add new content to the course to help you learn new tools, new ways to market, hiring principles, and all other things you might need to keep moving forward.