109: Four Steps in Starting a Business with Debra Mastic [Podcast]

And how Debra applied the steps to create a business in a few months

Today I cover the four steps in starting a business. But, I am excited to be sharing these steps along with Debra Mastic – who took these steps to create her business and leave her day job in just a few months time. This is so critical. So many times we listen to people tell us […]

101: Thinking About Starting a Business? What You Need to Do Now. [Podcast]

Are you thinking about starting a business? Over 3000 new businesses are started each day in the United States alone. But, most new owners are not prepared for what they are getting into and have failed to prepare – which is the reason many will fail. I am not talking big issues or big strategies […]

Planning to start a business?

098: Forget Networking. What to do instead! | Interview with John Corcoran [Podcast]

Do you just hate networking? Does the word feel slimy. Yeah – me too. So don’t network. Instead, do something that matters more. Listen in today to my interview with John Corcoran as we discuss why networking does not work and what you should think about instead. Click to Listen In this episode John and […]

forget networking - interview with John Corcoran