187: Overcoming the Fear of Failure in Your Side Hustle [Podcast]

Overcoming the Fear of Failure in Your Side HustleOvercoming the Fear of Failure in Your Side Hustle

Is overcoming the fear of failure in your side hustle something you have been thinking about?

It should be. That fear of failure is likely holding you back and keeping you from making the bold moves you need to make.

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Overcoming the Fear of Failure in Your Side Hustle

1. Identify the fear. Put it in writing. 

  • Failure
  • Looking stupid
  • Doing the wrong thing
  • Making the wrong decision
  • Wasting your time and getting nothing of it
  • My idea has already been done
  • I do not know enough.

2. Speak the truth about the fear 

  • What does failure mean? Quitting and trying something else. No big loss.
  • The only people who think you are stupid are those not doing anything. If you are going to operate as an entrepreneur – or anything out of the norm, you may look stupid to others. What this means is they think you are not acting normal. Good. Broke is normal. Hating your job is normal. Being frustrated with less income is normal. Not taking real action is normal. Do not be normal.
  • Decisions are not black and white. Which marketing approach do you use? May not matter, just start and commit to something (Check out Get Clients Now!)
  • Wasting your time? What would you have done anyway? Watched more TV? I mean, most of us are underutilized. We call ourselves busy – but much of what we are busy doing does not matter. Much of our business is our own decision. Groups we are part of. Activities we have volunteered for. And when a business does fail, most will tell you it was not a waste, it was step 1 of the right path.
  • Your idea has been done. It is guaranteed it has been done. In fact, you hope it has. You hope other people are selling products and services like yours. That means – other people are spending money on products and services like yours. This is a good thing. If they spend on others, they are more likely to spend on you.
  • When will you know enough? Does it really matter? You just need to be able to help people who either know less than you or who just want help from someone so they do not have to do what they hire you or buy your product to do.

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