168: Making Money in a Crisis – Turning Lemons into Lemonade [Podcast]

Making money in a crisis might sound counter-intuitive – but be clear that there is always an opportunity to serve. A crisis is no exception. So if you are willing to serve others and looking for ways to start making money in a crisis – you are in the right place.

But I know what you are thinking. Making money in a crisis is just plain greedy. Others need FREE help. Maybe – but before you judge too quickly, listen in.


Making Money in a Crisis (Podcast Outline)

  • Money is NOT always the issue.  
    •  It is OK to charge people during a crisis.
    • Many have the means and want your help.
  • There are unique opportunities while people working from home:
    • Babysitting
    • Pet care
    • Tutoring (any subject, any grade)
    • Helping those with health care needs – Diabetic or other issues
    • Food delivery
    • Errand running
    • Showing them how to use tools such as Zoom etc. – Art teacher could not use virtual tools, so had to cancel classes. 
    • Setting up in house workstations – computers, desks, etc. (VPN is a term some are hearing for the first time)
    • Assembling things they bought to work from home
    • Home gym setup
    • Fitness coaching at home or over the web
    • Someone to talk to
    • Elderly care new high when people cannot getaway
    • Working for Amazon / UPS / etc
  • Think Long Term – What May Change for Good
    • Colleges will have more online courses and get more creative
    • Online tutoring will grow 
    • Homeschooling with grow
    • Work from home will grow
    • Personal finance and EF will be a hotter topic
    • Home ordering of supplies – Now we know
    • People will move away from JIT and minimalist to preppers
    • Buy American (or where you are) Things formally made in China will be able to make and sell at home
    • Drive through medicine! This may change the medical community more than any legislation ever could
    • Faster FDA approval of drugs
    • Freedom for doctors to practice without so many regulations
    • Growth in teledocs
  • Perspectives

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