165: Are You Bored at Work? [Podcast]

Are You Bored at Work?

Being bored at work seems normal. Studies indicate 43% of office workers are bored – many hoping to find a new job. So if you are bored, then note that you are normal. Now – does that make you feel any better? I thought not. 

So what do you do? Quit and find another job? Some of you will take this path, only to quickly be bored again. 

So instead of quitting and starting again at a new place, maybe there are creative ways to make boredom go away.

Are You Bored at Work? (podcast outline)

What to do when you are bored at work? 

  • Want to stay in current job – just wish I was less bored
    • Embrace it. You do not have to work too hard. Maybe that is OK. 
    • Explore. Look around and become curious about what is going on. Get away from your desk (or normal job) and go learn about what others do. 
    • Stop doing so much. Often we are bored when we are not using our gifts. A person who likes movement would prefer sweeping the floor or walking around taking inventory vs sitting at a desk. And some are the opposite. For me – I am NOT a details person. My eyes glaze over as I get into the details. So I have stopped doing many of them and now I focus on strategy.
    • Tell your boss “I am bored at work – what else can I do. The boss SHOULD want to fix it since bored people eventually leave or totally disengage.  
    • Quit doing so much. Maybe you are bored with busy work and do not have the time to THINK. 
  • Really would like to leave – but (there is always a but)
    • Set some goals. What do you really want? Where do you want to be?
    • If money is holding you back – do the math. Vested retirement? So many years to retirement? I was told “15 more years of this crap and I am out.” Really? Just do the math and make a decision on the numbers and not the emotions
    • Look outside. Often we are scared to even look. But look. Check out my podcast on Hidden Jobs.
    • Look inward. Many companies have many options inside. Just because you work for Lockheed does not mean you are stuck. 
    • Get creative. What can you do on your current job to give it life? Can you automate it? Can you take a course to do it better? 


We all get bored from time to time – but staying bored is not a win for anyone. You will give up on things and become disgruntled at work, and at home. You will be that grumpy old man or woman. 

But even bigger – think about the example you are setting to your kids or family. Do you want to have a legacy or being bored at work or someone who made things happen? 

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Will Wins

I went through the graduate program under Dale and it totally changed my perspective/attitude on my career, goals, and life. This podcast has been great at continuing to challenge & make me think outside the box. It’s so easy to slip back into the normal thinking that comes with an 8-5 day job and this podcast is great for keeping me aligned. It’s your life. There’s a world of possibilities out there. Keep up the good work and never stop pressing Dale.

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