164: Who is living your dream? [Podcast]

Who is living your dream?

Who is living your dream? Do you know? 

Or put another way, who do you want to grow up to be? Whether their occupation, their success, their ministry, their impact on the world – who is your role model for success? 

John, a CIO at a multi-billion $ company told me “No one ever asks me how to be me. No one seems to want to be CIO.”

His statement was odd because the same statement is written in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad – no one ever asks him how to be rich.  

But the key to finding success is to answer three questions – and one of them is to find out who is living your dream. 

Who is Living Your Dream (podcast outline)

The Hard Truth: Many people do not have a role model. They are drifting. We need to find people who have walked the path we want to walk. 

Who is Living your dream – how to find out.

  • The three questions you need to answer:
    • What do you love to do?
    • How do you make money doing that?
    • Who is living your dream?

Today we focus on the last question – who is living your dream? 

  • But to help you find the other answers, check out How to Find Your Calling. 
  • Who is living your dream? Here are some examples of those who found it.
  • How to connect to the person who is living your dream.
    • Boldly reach out. People love to talk about themselves – so this is going to be easier than you think. See How to Win Friends and Influence People.
    • Email is my favorite way to start.
    • LinkedIn is also a great path.
    • This is your dream – not your wish. Go after it. 
    • Email, call, text, smoke signals. Go do it now. 

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