160: Three Steps to Become a Better Reader in 2020 [Podcast]

Three Steps to Become a Better Reader in 2020

You need to become a better reader. I know – this might be something you have not heard since grade school.

The old adage “leaders are readers” might not be 100% accurate, but I have found that most people who are getting things done and breaking new ground are in fact, avid readers. 

I have also found that those who do not do a lot of reading are typically not growing and average. They usually do not have a lot of insight and seem to be OK with the status quo. Not knocking it – just an observation. 

Another observation – I can usually tell who is a reader without asking them. 

So whether you are a reader or are wanting to think about how to become a better reader and develop a better reading habit, this list should help you out.  

Three Steps to Become a Better Reader in 2020(Podcast Outline)

First, learn to consume content faster. No, I do not mean speed reading (although that is an option – but takes work) but I mean read smarter. To become a better reader, you need to be able to read more. But, let’s face it, not every word in a book, blog, email, or internal policy has real meaning. Learn to make good decisions about how to move through books faster. Check out this link on How to Read More in Less Time. You can go all out to the speed reading, or just learn techniques to skim that work with little practice. 

Second, find the right stuff to read. How? Look to your peers or the leaders in your field. What are they reading? Sure there are many books that we come across that may not be popular and yet still rock our world. I love those gems – and read many of them. They are usually the ones I hear about on podcasts or that are written by people I follow. 

Face it, to get into the top sellers is a bit of a game – and not every author has that as his or her goal. My book Resumes are Worthless is one of those. I never went after playing the game. (Yet – still on my someday maybe list) 

However, the bulk of my reading tends to come from what is popular and what others have recommended. This is not so much about following the crowd – but more about keeping up. When I listen to a speaker talk about MVPs in an entrepreneurship conference, I want to know they are talking about a minimally viable product from Lean Startup and not the most valuable player from the latest NFL game. 

So how to find these books? See what is being read by others who are leaders in your field. What do they post on Social Media or in blogs or mention in talks? 

How do I do this? 

  • When I hear a book mentioned I write it down for later. 
  • When I see a book in someone’s office – I write it down.
  • I have even taken pictures of people’s bookshelves to see what they are reading or have read. 
  • Often I will just ask “what are you reading?”
  • When I get back to the office, I look them up and will add them to my Good Reads books to read or to my Amazon wish list. 

Third, pick up on my recommendations. Since you are here and following me, here is what I am recommending. These fit you if 

  • You are trying to grow your income
  • You hope for more control over your work/career
  • You want freedom as much as you want money
  • Growing wealth and being a good steward of your money matters to you
  • You want to be inspired and realize that you can do more. 

Reading List 

Start with the Truth – The Bible – This is the best book for business and success ever written. It has inspired me in many ways and even helped me grow wealth. Check out How Being a Christian has Made Me Wealthy

Then 6 books to read – 1 every 2 months

  1. Mindset Books
  2. Wealth and Income Growth
  3. Productivity 
    • Atomic Habits
    • Deep Work

For others check out my Reading List for the Entrepreneur of Tomorrow.


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