153: The Big Career Fears [Podcast]

Career Fears

Career fears are those silly things that keep us from making wise career decisions we want to make.

So many of us look in the mirror and know that we are CONTROLLED BY OUR FEAR.

The Big Career Fears  (Podcast Outline)

Here are the primary fears holding us back in our careers.

  1. Perfectionism – I will make a mistake. I cannot do anything unless it is perfect.
  2. Wrong Path  – Once I pick, I am stuck. Careers. College, anything.
  3. Self- Made Prisoner – I am stuck in my job/career. It also has to do with relationships. “So much invested.”
  4. Overwhelmed – I cannot handle it. I am not qualified — Esp in jobs. Most jobs are not that hard.
  5. Fear of fear – We are afraid we might be afraid. We might look stupid. We might be nervous. We might have to ask for help.

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