114: How To Find Time To Start A Side Business [Podcast]

Even when you are crazy busy

We all have time to start a side business. I know that because I see the busiest people start new businesses daily. Sure, they may not all grow as fast as a company with a full-time staff, but they do grow and prosper. Carving out time from a busy home and work life to get a company going is about using our time wisely and staying focused on the next action. In this episode, I will share some of the common hacks that allowed busy people to start and succeed.

How to Find Time to Start a Side Business

Yes, You Can Find Time to Start a Side Business

Today I go over some basic steps to help you find time to start a side business. These steps will take you about 2 weeks to do, but well worth it. In the end, you will have a lot of clarity and focus.

Step 1 – Get control of your day job 

Most of us waste a lot of time at work. Working 50+ hours per week, we are rarely productive for more than 20 of those hours.

Recently, I had a highly productive manager tell me he only has about 2 hours a day of true productive time, and this includes his time engaging his team.

I cover two specific actions that will open up your eyes to help you get clarity on what matters most at work and to help you find wasted time at work.

Oh, you don’t think you waste time at work? Listen and try the exercise.

Step 2 – Get control of the home schedule

Getting control of home is even more challenging than work. You likely come home to many demands of your time and attention.  I discuss some practical tips that have been used by many entrepreneurs (and me) to get control and find moments to get work done.

Step 3 – Find your moments to work 

How many hours per day do you have to work on your business? Typically, I have been told 15 – 60 minutes from those with families. If you can increase that, great. But even if you can’t, how can you find some other moments you did not know you had.

A great example of this is Joseph Michael, the Scrivener Coach who used his lunch hour to create a new line of revenue.

Step 4 – Define your business goals 

One of the biggest time challenges entrepreneurs have is a lack of clarity. They have no clear plan. If you have a plan and can focus on the next action, success is in your reach.

An eye-opening moment for me was when I came across Zig Ziglar while trying to complete my Ph.D. By setting goals and developing the next actions, I went from moving like a sloth to moving like a cheetah.

Step 5 – Get to work DAILY

In Do the Work, Steven Pressfield puts a name on the ominous force which keeps us from doing what we need to do. He calls it THE RESISTANCE. Once you have moments to work and a clear set of actions to take, you still have to show up and do the work.

In this last step, I will share some actions that many entrepreneurs take to get the work done.

Listen and find time to start your side business. 

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