113: Do You Feel Guilty About Making Money? [Podcast]

Do you feel guilty about  making money? Most people starting or growing a business struggle with this feeling of guilt. This guilt feeling comes from wanting to help others in need mixed with a lack of confidence. The result is that volunteer our time with a ministry mindset. After all – we want to help people.

But this feeling of guilt about making money not only keeps us from developing a business, it also keeps us from serving others to our full potential.

Do You Feel Guilty About Making Money

How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Making Money

Today we will deal with that guilt

  1. When You Encounter the Guilt
    • Doing your own R&D
    • Buying encounters
  2. The Guilt Messages
    • Expectations Game
    • Zero Sum Game Thinking
  3. How to Replace the Guilt and Serve

Question to think about

What have you gotten for free that you value?

Join and listen how to NOT Feel Guilty About Making Money. 

Links mentioned in this episode:

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money

From the 5 part Series on the obstacles of starting your own business:

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