Who thinks less of me than me?

As I’m heading to one of my coaching meetings, I have noticed that the single common denominator of each persons struggle – almost without exception – is themselves –  they are their own worst enemy.

  • They undersells their own accomplishment and ability.
  • They thinks less of what they can do than what even I, not knowing them well, know that they can do.
  • They paint themselves into a box based upon their work experiences, their college degree, and their current salary level.  This box they cannot escape from, even though they have created it.

We use an excercise from time to time in the classes I teach where we ask people to supply their own resumes to another in the class.  The other class member will interview them and ask them about their experience and listen to them tell about the types of things they have accomplished. Then they are assigned to re-write each others resume based on what they heard.

It is often amazing at the staggering difference at what their classmate thinks they are capable of as compared to what they thought of themselves. The resonse is often  – “Wow –  She made me look really good on paper”.

Actually – it is the other way around – we often make ourselves look bad on paper

What about your resume?  Where have you made yourself look really bad?

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