107: Finding Your Path and Doing What You Love [Podcast]

Interview with Jeff Brown of Read to Lead

How can you go about finding your path and doing what you love? Perhaps it is not by working harder, but instead you should do what you love even if you see no path to money. In 18 Minutes  author Peter Bregman explains that we often find something new when we stop looking so hard. Think about it. Do you know someone who wanted to get married, but only found a spouse when they gave up? What about that guy looking for the perfect job who spent hours per day looking and only found the job when he relaxed? We often find the result we are looking for when we stop pushing for the what and enjoy the now. What am I saying? Stop trying so hard. Have fun. Do what you love even if you see no path to money. Today I will interview the person who found his path by just doing what he loved.

finding your path and doing what you love

Something I love – My Reading List

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Finding your path and doing what you love

I met Jeff Brown at a conference. He is a fellow podcaster who does Read to Lead. In this interview you will hear his story of getting fired, doing something for fun, and finding a career in his joy. Yes, he is the example of someone who demonstrates “finding your path and doing what you love.” You may be a reader more than a listener, but today I think you need to listen as well as read.

Jeff will share with us…

  • His path from career to entrepreneurship
  • Why you should start something just for FUN
  • Why you should always be looking for ways to serve others
  • And of course, why you should Read to Lead. Jeff quit reading after college (Gee -anyone who is reading textbooks is bound to be turned off from reading!) but started again when he picked up a book by Seth Godin.

What am I Reading

Jeff’s guiding principle is “Leaders are Readers.” I have found this to be VERY true. When I meet people or speak to groups, I often ask what they are reading. The entrepreneurs and executives always have a massive reading list and push me to Amazon to make some quick buys of the books they recommend. They also jump on the books I mention that they have not read.

However, those who are not the leaders (just doing a job and getting by) often tell me they do not read. “I quit reading after college.”

Here are the books I am reading now:

How to Become a Reader

If you are not a reader and want to start, here are some simple steps.

  1. Check out my reading list for the new Entrepreneur (If you are not an entrepreneur, forget the title. The books still apply and I can tell you later why I think you are an entrepreneur.)
  2. Remember, audible counts. You can download the apps to your phone and have a book on the go.
  3. I often add books to my READING LIST. I prefer books with short chapters and basic points – so my reading usually will fit anyone.
  4. Listen to someone who reviews books. Hmmm – perhaps the Read to Lead podcast by Jeff.
  5. Learn to skim. Check out How to Read a Book in 30 Minutes or Less.

Of course – let me know what you are reading! Post it to my Facebook page so I can read it also!


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