098: Forget Networking. What to do instead! | Interview with John Corcoran [Podcast]

Do you just hate networking? Does the word feel slimy. Yeah – me too. So don’t network. Instead, do something that matters more. Listen in today to my interview with John Corcoran as we discuss why networking does not work and what you should think about instead.

forget networking - interview with John Corcoran

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In this episode John and and I talk about networking in a way that just makes more sense to me. Forget shaking of many hands and showing up at events trying to meet the right people. Here are a few points from the interview.

  • Good networkers can be introverts. See the 2011 best networker in Fortune Magazine where Adam Rifkin is profiled. He is also mentioned in Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success.
  • Why you need to network even if you are in the corporate cubicle and want to stay there.
  • You should be intentional. You would never show up on a college campus and randomly walk into courses. Instead, we are intentional in what we do and where we go. In networking we should also be intentional.
  • Challenges for new startups
    • Trying a hard pivot. If you are working in flower shops and wanting to start a yoga studio, you are having to learn everything from scratch.
    • Fear. This is mostly a lie since you are not nearly as secure as you feel.
  • Challenges John is having in his business (as you might know – this is one of the favorite questions I like to ask)
    • Growing the business. Hiring help.
    • Developing systems and processes.
    • Keeping the growth up. Most of this is through connections in webinars. (You will  find many people doing webinars with John as a guest.)

Steps to take to grow your connections

Observations Made

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