096: Doubt, Fear, and Indecision [Podcast]

Are you suffering from doubt, fear, and indecision? I am. In fact, I have been for some time. It is a dark and deep hole. I have been wondering where to go next. It is not a matter of work alone – it is much deeper. For the past few years I have even turned into a sorta hermit. I quit meeting and networking. I was just sick of it all. Everything seemed empty and hollow. Some of the steps I took I think actually prolonged the misery. I was burned out and bored with the entire game, so I just checked out. While we all struggle with these very feelings from time to time, staying here for a long period of time can result in depression, anxiety, and physical pain.

doubt, fear, and indecision

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5 Steps to Conquer Doubt, Fear, and Indecision

The kicker came when I tried to leave my mastermind group. They pursued me and would not leave me alone. I was irritated at first, but that lifeline has jerked my chain. I had to make some changes. So this post is about what I am doing now. I run into so many people who are struggling from the same issues where doubt, fear, and indecision are ruling their lives. I can sense it. Often it shows up first as boredom. Boredom is a dangerous place to be (more on that later).  So I wanted to share some steps I am taking now to get moving. They are helping – but it is very slow indeed.

  1. Break up the routine. Doing different things in different ways. You are in a rut, so break out of it in simple ways. Go to work a different route. Eat lunch at new places. Take up a new hobby.
  2. Take action. Even if you do not know exactly what you need to do next, you probably have some ideas. Take small actions. Make a weekly plan to do SOMETHING toward your likely new goal.
  3. Journal. Think. Meditate. Whatever you do to clear your mind, do more of it now. And if you do not journal – perhaps now is a good time to start. It helps you get thoughts onto paper and get clarity.
  4. Connect. Reach out and meet more people and ask for feedback and learn about their path. This goes with #1 above, you need to get new people in your life, at least for now.
  5. Get active. Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, says when you lose your job, you need to double your time in the gym. Whatever you do, get moving and get active. If already active, get more active. It helps clear the head and helps you think.


 A note on Planning:
Planning is an awesome thing, but planning when you do not know where you are going is not productive. Imagine if you were going on vacation, and did not know where. Before you would start planning for the trip, you would decide the destination.  Plans depend on the desired destination. Do not stop and get caught up in planning when you have not decided where you are going.

Some other ideas:

  • Pray. I did not say this on the podcast – perhaps I just assume it. But wow, I should never assume. Pray. Ask for guidance.
  • Start a vision board. Find pictures that show the life you want to be living, and capture them and put them on a board. They can be places you want to live or travel or things you would like to own or do. Just a picture for what you would like life to become like. Your brain really connects to images – so give it some positive images.

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