083: Is it OK to Want a New Job While Others are Unemployed? [Podcast]

Is it OK to want a new job that has more meaning to you when so many other people are unemployed?  Should you not just be content with your work and live the blessing you have been given? Most of my clients do NOT like their job. There – I said it – most do not like their job. For most, they work for a good company and have good people around them, but something is missing. They are unfulfilled. They do not care about the mission of the company. They are bored. So, should they just grin and make the best of it or should they go after something that matters?

Is it OK to Want a New Job While Others are Unemployed?

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Survey Says

If you have not taken my reader/listener survey – please do! But, looking at the data as it stands now, here are the top issues:

  • I feel trapped in my job
  • I need or would like more income

Key Indicators You Need a Change

Personal reasons

  • No Passion – You just do not feel it.
  • Morning Blues – You dread going to work. Sundays are a drag as you know Monday is coming.
  • Pain – Especially unexplained pain symptoms. These are classic signs of unhappiness or internal conflict. (Future show on this.)

Environmental Reasons

  • Dishonest company environment – You see things going on that are against your principles
  • Poor morale – “Beatings will continue until morale improves.”
  • You do not respect the mission and/or the people
  • You have no trust in the leadership
Be Careful!!
We often want to blame the company and the people for our unhappiness at work. However,  I have found that you are usually the problem. (Sounds harsh, but I have been there and looking back, it was all me).

How can you tell? If there are people in your company who seem to love their job, then it might be you. That is OK, maybe you are in the wrong place. But QUIT running around blaming them. Take responsibility for your career and your job and make the needed changes.

Two Options to Find Happiness at Work

  1. Take Control. I have worked with many clients who took personal responsibility and got control and influence through focusing on their Company of One. (The Company of One model is covered in detail in the book Resumes are Worthless.)
  2. Prepare to leave. Do not just quit and run to another job, but take the time to find what you want to do. I have walked more people than I can count through this process. First, start with your calling and identify things you might like. (See below) Then, go out and network.

Calling is the Key

Before writing about this topic, I searched it to see what others have written. But, I found a lot of people instead who were writing about how to be happy at work. I totally agree. You have to take charge and be happy where you are today. But, if you are doing the wrong job for you, you need to start the search for the right fit.

A great way to start the calling process is to do the brainstorming exercise. Download a FREE copy of my ebook on How To Find Your Calling below.

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2 thoughts on “083: Is it OK to Want a New Job While Others are Unemployed? [Podcast]

  1. I say that it is ABSOLUTELY OKAY to pray for a new job, even while others are searching for employment.

    I was laid off from a job I loved (and had worked for almost a decade) in late 2012. Within two months I found new employment, but the job unexpectedly came with unbearable hours and stressful environment that I couldn’t continue; within just 4-6 months of hiring on, I desperately sought a way out.

    Around 9 months after starting the ‘bad’ job, I was blessed to find my current job—one that is a PERFECT fit for my skills and experience, career goals, and (most importantly) my sanity!

    Was I still blessed to have found the ‘bad’ job when I did? ABSOLUTELY! Did that mean I had to stay there for the rest of my life? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    And to answer your question above, I am #1… I LOVE my job (and I would have never landed it if I kept the mentality that I shouldn’t pine for a new job while so many others are unemployed).

    God bless!
    ~Jessica Lynne Martin

  2. Thanks Jessica – some great points. Hard to find what you love if you are afraid to make some moves. Even if hard moves! You also blessed someone else when you left – now they had a place to go;) Congrats on finding your spot!