063: How Introverts Can be the Best Networkers [Podcast]

I have been doing a lot of work on my new course Networking for Introverts (soon to release) lately. As I explore and search, I see a lot of common misconceptions that the extroverts of the world are better at networking and making personal connections. Wrong. In my experience, introverts can be the best networkers, with a little preparation. Introverts have an easier time learning to focus on other people and therefore make better connections. So if you are an introvert, take heart. Here I share some reasons (encouragement) why you are already a better networker than the extroverts of the world and some thoughts about how to get even better.

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How Introverts Can be the Best Networkers

1. Introverts are better listeners. Rather than doing all the talking, an introvert will more likely be ready to listen. It is not a given, but with some practice of asking the right question, introverts are happy to listen and let the others lead, and therefore form better networks. When you learn to ask questions and listen, others like you. Dale Carnegie taught this is his classic book How to Win Friends & Influence People.

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2. Introverts understand other introverts. I am guessing that introverts are about half the population. But, in certain circles introverts abound. Think about a group of CPAs, engineers, or financial analysts. Extroverts in these crowds are rare. So as an introvert, you are most likely in these crowds and there are more people around like you than like extroverts. You understand how other introverts feel and therefore can relate better to them.

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3. Introverts will be more prepared. The nervousness of a networking event coupled with your need to be there (otherwise you would skip it)  will force most introverts to have a reason to be there. They will think through the goal: who they would like to meet, and what they would like to get out of it. Being prepared is much better than walking in and seeing what happens. With a preparation and goal in mind, your networking will be more profitable.

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