053: My Top 10 Takeaways from The Launch Conference – And One Surprise Takeway [Podcast]

I spent much of last week at The Launch Conference in Orlando. The conference was mentally challenging, and Disney with the family was physically challenging. It was worth it.

The LaUnch Conference - JOHN C. MORGAN

John C. Morgan working as George Bush at Launch

For those not familiar with Launch, it is a conference put on by Michael Hyatt and Ken Davis to help speakers maximize their business. But, the principles that apply to speakers also apply to anyone who is trying to create products and services. So, I go to learn, mostly so I can teach. In today’s podcast, I give you my top 10 take-aways from Launch.

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My Top 10 Takeaways from The Launch Conference

Launch was amazing. It challenged all of us to act faster and listen more. Here are ten things I learned.

  1. I am not the product. People often tell me that they hate to sell themselves. So, they should quit trying. This was a very freeing thought. People do not buy you, they buy what you can do. You have to get emotionally unattached from your products. Whether doing a job, selling a product or service, or pitching a talk, it is not about you as much as what you deliver.
  2. Markets determine the value of products. As much as we might want to determine the value of what we do, we have no control – the market does. While this sounds negative, the truth is most people devalue themselves by selling BELOW what the market will pay. Think about what the market will bear, and then add value to get to that number.
  3. When I hear the same question three times, that is the market talking. Dan Miller from 48days.com really hit this point home. His comment was “when I hear the same question three times, that is the market talking. I create a product to meet that need!” Wow. This goes back to the idea of creating your first information product in 30 days. You too need to listen to the questions you are asked and realize, the market is talking.
  4. You do not have to plan perfectly. Just launch and continually correct. Perfectionism is a trap. Nothing is ever perfect. Be aware that no matter how much you plan, you are wrong. Get it as close as you need to get it, then launch it into the world.
  5. Systems, not just talent, create success. No matter what you are doing, learn the system of success. Raw talent is never enough. Think of a sports team with many talented players. Often it falls apart if they have no system or proper coaching. No matter what you do, there is a system or a recipe to help you succeed. Learn the plan, follow the plan.
  6. Getting started is the key. Michael Hyatt hammered this home with the quote ”The biggest danger is not that you will get it wrong, the biggest danger is that you will not start.”
  7. We do not live in a world of scarcity. I saw many WOW moments when this hit home with our group. Scarcity tells us that if other people are already doing what we want to do, we should find a new idea. Not true! There is still plenty of market for what you do. And no one will do what you do the way you do it.
  8. Do not expect every product to hit. Throw products out fast and see what sticks. When something hits, go with it.
  9. Never wait till it’s perfect! Deliver product. When Bill Gates sold MS DOS to IBM, the product had never been created. He sold it, and then built it quickly. I can 100% guarantee you that no matter what you do, your product will NOT be perfect. Even in space travel, with all the planning and money, mistakes are made and things are overlooked. Fortunately, your mistakes will never create as much risk as space travel.
  10. Dream with the faith like a child. While not technically part of the conference, we heard the story of how a homeschooling mom wanted to teach her six year-old daughter how to live out her faith by serving others. Todd and Erica McNeal challenged their daughter to come up with a way to serve. When six year-old Jordyn wanted to send a very sick girl and her family to Disney World, Todd and Erica were shocked. Erica told me “I thought she would want to bake pies for people.” But Todd and Erica decided God could make it happen. He did. Now eight years old, Jordyn has her own ministry called Faith Like a Child. What about you and I? 


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