011: Dealing with a Business or Job Crisis [PODCAST]

A business crisis or job crisis will come no matter what we do to avoid them. We control few things in this type of crisis, but how we respond can help us get on top of the problem and change the ultimate outcome. In this podcast we examine how to respond to  such a crisis.


Business Crisis

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Business Crisis / Job Crisis

A business or job crisis can come in so many flavors. Here are a few I have experienced personally.

  • Job loss
  • Major departmental changes (often as a result of mergers and acquisitions)
  • Loss of a major customer
  • Loss of a major vendor (my current situation)
  • Decline in market
  • Legal action
Becoming Aware and Engaged
Acknowledge the pain!

Worst that can happen. Define the worst that can happen. Define it clearly! Be real. Do not OVERSTATE.

Accept it. Yes, accept the worst will really happen.

Rainbow – Look for the rainbow. What good can come out of this? How many times have you complained about the way it is now?

Engage in the solution. What can I do to improve the situation? Make a list. Set a goal to get out of the situation and start to focus on the goal and quit looking at the problem!


The key is to get control where you can take some action. Most people/companies stay stagnant in the situation. Many jump to the blame game including jumping on lawsuits. These are rarely productive, and usually do more damage. Instead, focus on acting to get ahead of the crisis rather than fight it.

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Listener Questions

The following question was sent to me from Bob via email.

“No one is listening to my ideas in my company. I have some good insights – but cannot get a listen. How do I get though to them?”

This question is answered on the PODCAST.


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