204: Are You the Burger Flipper or the Boss [Podcast]

Creating engagement in others and yourself

So, are you the burger flipper or the boss? This is a question I ask my kids often. If you are a burger flipper, you do not have to think much. You just wait and do what you are told. You can be totally unengaged in your work. If you are the boss, you have […]

203: Quit Being a Pawn [Podcast]

If Nobody is Talking, Who is Controlling the Conversation?

Quit being a pawn. Stand up and fight back. As you might be noticing yourself, nobody is listening. We have quit talking and turned instead to yelling at each other. And, if nobody is talking, who is controlling the conversation? I have been watching what is going on in our country (I am in the […]

202: College? There Has Got to Be a Better Way [Podcast]

Alternatives to Higher Education

A conversation I often have with parents is something like this:   “College? There Has Got to Be a Better Way”. College is like a money pit and does not offer such a powerful tool to create wealth and security as perhaps it did. In fact, if chosen poorly, it generates the opposite. So today, I […]

There Has Got to Be a Better Way