079: 5 Ways to Create Productive Thinking Times [Podcast]

The most successful people I know spend time to think. Like us, they are busy, have families and responsibilities, so they have to find ways to force thinking time into their schedule. Why? They know success is tied to thinking and action. Action can be easy, but thinking about what action to take, now that […]

078: Employee to Entrepreneur: Preparing to Make the Transition [Podcast]

Are you thinking about moving from employee to entrepreneur? Over 50% of Americans want to start a business. And when you get to those in their 20’s and 30’s, that number increases to about 65%. Other countries have similar statistics. So if you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, you are in good company. But, […]

077: What Kind of Entrepreneur do You Want to Be? [Podcast]

Everyone is an entrepreneur – technically speaking. The question is, what kind of entrepreneur are you? And perhaps more important, what kind do you want to be. You make money to live, and depending on who you are and what you want, how you make money and who you serve is the key question. This […]

076: Leading with What You’ve Got [Podcast]

A few years ago I took a leadership position at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Not in so many words I was told, “You have no money, no people, and no resources, but congratulations, you are in charge.” When I speak to leaders at all levels, I get the impression they have the same […]

075: Is “Follow Your Passion” Bad Advice? [Podcast]

Should you follow your passion or not? In my talks I often state two things: 1) the most successful people have passion for what they do and  2) to find the best work for you find ways to connect the work you love to money. After the talk, some will mention authors that argue against […]

074: Why Does Everyone Want to Start a Nonprofit? [Podcast]

It is an epidemic. Everyone seems to want to start a nonprofit. They want to serve the inner city, the poor, the boys without fathers, those who cannot read, and many other causes. Yet, when I hear nonprofit, my heart sinks. It is not that nonprofits are bad, but something about our society is being […]

073: Growing Your Influence through Managing Your Contacts [Podcast]

Building a network is one thing, managing your contacts is quite another. With so many platforms (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc) to keep up with, it is hard to reminder the last time I checked in with the key people in my network, much less what we said. But worse than that, I noticed that […]

072: I Work My Day Job to Fund My Dream Job [Podcast]

If I asked you what you were working toward, could you tell me? A recent conversation startled me. A very bright and well educated man I was coaching told me of his dream to start a non-profit to help stamp out illiteracy. He had a true heart for those who were held back because they […]